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The principals of Corporate Security, Inc (CSI) collectively possess over 60 years of expert, hands-on experience in the realm of gaming compliance and corporate security, and it is this direct industry experience which sets us apart from the competition.

Gaming Compliance Program (Nevada)

A Gaming Compliance Program in Nevada is unlike other jurisdictions since the gaming licensee, not the State Gaming Regulator, is required to inaugurate, manage, and execute the program. Subsequently, State Gaming regulators will hold the licensee accountable for the companies and individuals with whom they conduct business.

A valid Gaming Compliance Program requires a Due Diligence investigation be performed on each vendor with whom the licensee conducts business. This is based on the annual dollar amount of business performed with each vendor, and the licensee’s established gaming compliance threshold.

The purpose for a due diligence investigation is to validate the vendor’s licensing/regulatory status, conduct checks for litigation/adverse filings, and minimize the potential of a licensee unknowingly establishing an association with a company, or individuals, who may be deemed unsuitable by State Gaming Regulators.

With access to this information, the licensee will possess the knowledge necessary to make well informed business decisions, ensure regulatory compliance, and avoid regulatory scrutiny.

Regulatory Complaints

When regulatory complaints involving gaming licensees are scrutinized, it becomes apparent those compliance issues could have been prevented by a proactive due diligence program. A small cost compared to the legal, regulatory, and punitive costs associated with a complaint.

Failure to comply with regulatory compliance standards may have a severely detrimental impact on the licensee, resulting in fines, punitive sanctions or license revocations.

How CSI Can Assist

In some situations, your in-house Corporate Security or Compliance Departments may require direction, or assistance, with due diligence investigations and/or compliance programs.

With our due diligence and gaming compliance experience, CSI possesses the ability to ensure confidential, accurate, concise, and expedient handling of regulatory compliance, due diligence investigations, and employment screening for your company.

CSI is confident our vendor due diligence program will compliment and conform to your professional standards, and can be cost effective when compared to traditional, proprietary in-house programs.

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