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Employment Screening

emp-screeningCorporate Security, Inc. (CSI) provides a full array of permissible use, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant, web-based employment screening services for its’ clients.

Our employment screening services include “a-la-carte” menu selections, pre-packaged groups of searches, and customized packages for larger volume clients. You will also find our employment screening services very competitive as to cost and turnaround times.

Upon completion, comprehensive, concise and easy-to-read reports are delivered directly to your office via secure internet connection. Current and archived reports are also available for on-line viewing, at your convenience, 24/7.

Primary Services

Applicant Facts and Figures

  • 10% of job applicants have a criminal record
  • 40% of resumes contain material falsifications, or omissions, with respect to education, past employment, or qualifications
  • Employee turnover costs the employer 2-3x the salary of the replaced worker
  • 61% of HR professionals (2004 SHRM survey) found inaccuracies in resumes after performing a background check

Advantages Pre-Employment Screening

  • Discourages Applicants with information to hide and discourages falsification of credentials
  • Eliminates uncertainty in the hiring process by basing decisions on factual public records and verifications
  • Demonstrates Due Diligence in the hiring process, promoting safety in the workplace
  • Encourages open communication and honesty on the part of the Applicant
  • Helps to mitigate or eliminate legal exposure and sanctions due to negligent hiring practices
  • Provides an excellent return on investment
  • Promotes better employee retention-Reduces turnover
  • May uncover cases of identity theft or assumption

Negligent Hiring Data

  • 60% of recent CA negligent hiring cases were awarded to the plaintiff, with verdicts averaging approximately $3 million
  • Defense costs of a negligent hiring lawsuit average $500,000
  • Cases normally involve some type of serious harm (death, assault, rape, theft…)

Access to our secure employment screening portal is available only to current clients with a company issued login ID. However, if you would like a demo of our employment screening portal, please contact us directly.