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Due Diligence


Corporate Due Diligence: The professional skill of evaluating the suitability of a company, or individual(s), intent on conducting business with another entity, to determine whether the company or individual(s) would be deemed suitable by regulatory authorities.


Due Diligence, both Domestic and International, involves considerable skill and experience beyond the perceived ease of simply ordering a Dun & Bradstreet report, a computerized database search, or cutting and pasting database generated reports onto a company letterhead.

Please do not confuse our customized product with “due diligence reports” from online vendors at a fraction of the cost. These reports are only as accurate as the limited online information available at the time of the computerized search, and as you may be aware, there are literally thousands of courts and licensing jurisdictions which are not available online. Additionally, those which are online, update their records on irregular intervals. Accordingly, how good is any report if all necessary sources are not accessible?

Corporate Security, Inc.’s (CSI) philosophy is to provide you with a customized and in-depth investigation, from the intricacies of the corporate entity to the specifics of the corporate officers, ultimately delivering to you, our client, the most accurate, concise and cost effective report possible.

Report Customization

CSI’s research and customized due diligence reports are tailored to your specific needs and are statutorily compliant.

Our in-depth investigations commence with full company identification, including headquarter, subsidiary and branch office specifics, licensing and registration research (International, Federal, State, local). We then identify company officers, owners, directors, and majority shareholders, if applicable.

A comprehensive business information report is obtained, and criminal and civil record searches are then conducted on all identified officers (and directors if you choose), the company entity, subsidiary companies, and majority shareholders or corporate owners.

Based on the needs of YOU, our client, our investigations can be tailored to simply include the primary company and its officers, can be expanded to include all affiliated entities, or may consist of anything in between. With our customized reporting, we have the flexibility to alter our reporting format on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, litigation is researched and the following are examined: government vendor status, media sources, federal excluded/watch lists, state regulatory approved-vendor/excluded-party lists, better business bureaus, and other research as deemed applicable.

CSI analysts then review the accumulated research and prepare a concise, comprehensive and easy to read report.

Should you desire a price quote, or wish to review a sample of our Domestic or International due diligence reports, please contact our office directly. (702)